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    What is a Health Insurance Broker?

    A health insurance broker is a licensed, independent company that helps individuals and businesses find the best and most appropriate cover. The best PMI (private medical insurance) brokers will be authorised and regulated by the FCA (financial conduct authority) and will provide you with independent healthcare advice. Using a broker can save you money and time. They simplify the process of buying health insurance by doing the hard work for you. As most health insurance brokers are paid directly by insurers, you will not incur fee charges for using their services. 

    Insurance products are often complicated. If you’ve sourced it yourself online without fully understanding your policy terms and conditions, it can backfire in denied claims and a plethora of other issues. This is one of many reasons insurance brokers benefit both individual and business clients with their comprehensive, qualified advice.


    What does a health insurance broker do?

    Researching plan options in a bid to buy health insurance by yourself can be overwhelming, so having professional assistance on hand can be a great relief. A good broker will work to your budget and requirements, however challenging they may be. A health insurance broker is involved at all stages of your PMI policy application. From obtaining medical history, to advising on underwriting, they will scour the market to find the best deal for their client.

    WillU Life is a UK based insurance broker that provides specialist advice to businesses and individuals with Health and Life insurance needs.


    Benefits of working with a private health insurance broker


    Arguably the most popular reason for using a broker is to save you money. They have access to rates throughout the market to be able to not only get you the best prices available but most importantly the best cover within that. 


    Whether you’re a first time buyer or looking to switch providers, using a broker will undoubtedly save you time. No messing around on comparison sites for hours, leave the boring tasks to them and make the process of buying PMI much more palatable.


    A credible broker is an FCA (financial conduct authority), licensed professional with a great knowledge in the field. They will listen to your needs and provide you with the best options to cater to that. This impartial advice is part of the service and not charged for, which for us is the most important reason for using a broker.

    At WillU Life our brokers are experienced in all aspects of Life and Health insurance to fulfil both corporate and personal needs. 


    Insurance policies are the safety net for you and your family, ensure there’s no holes in yours by using a reputable broker to give you peace of mind. They are trained professionals working with your best interests in mind.


    It’s easy to get lost in a sea of insurance mumbo jumbo when researching for yourself so having a broker to simplify really does have its benefits. From excesses, to moratorium, to exclusions – these very important  factors can be thoroughly explained, leaving you feeling confident with your choice of cover.


    Using a broker gives you an extra support after you’ve started your policy. Whether that be for technical setup help or assistance with claiming. They can act as the middle person between you and the insurance company, taking away stress from you by handling it on your behalf.

    You will always speak directly with one of the WillU Life team when you have any questions or issues. We do not use call centres and pride ourselves on being their for our clients personally.


    At the time of your annual health insurance renewal, a broker will advise the best available policy for you at that time, as the price of health insurance policies increases as you age, if you’ve made a claim or developed medical conditions. Again, this is part of the service and not charged.


    By working with a broker you can have various policies taken care of by a single person, rather than having to repeat yourself to different companies. A good broker can provide expert advice on other products including; Life insurance, Business Protection, Relevant Life policies and Income Protection. 


    WillU Life offer all our clients not only the fantastic reward partners through Vitality, but also over 200 discounts and offers on our WillU World platform. WillU World is one-stop hub for not only rewards but also to access our wellness activities and events, join our community and find support from external partners, including the charity CALM.


    Do health insurance brokers charge a fee?

    Typically brokers do not take a fee as included in the health premium is a small commission. If the broker does not take it, the health provider does. 


    What’s the average cost of health insurance?

    Check out our article on the average cost of health insurance.

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