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    Cancer and Health Insurance: What You Need To Know

    With stats suggesting that 1 in 2 people will face some form of cancer, it has become something that most insurers include as standard on their ‘core’ level policies. The NHS gives you access to lots of treatments and therapies but insurance can offer quicker access and more extensive treatments. 


    Does health insurance cover cancer?

    Yes, most health insurance policies pay out for private cancer treatment. While cancer insurance coverage varies based on the provider and policy details, most plans do cover both medical and non-medical expenses.

    Some cover for cancer is basic in all heath providers. Most give you options on how to upgrade your cancer cover from a basic support (if the NHS are unable to offer your relevant cancer treatment), to full cover from diagnosis, treatment on your radio/chemotherapy and also support with your scalp cooling and biological therapies.


    I’ve had cancer, how can I get insured?

    Cancer is classed as a pre-existing condition so the type policy you can get will depend on the type of underwriting used by the insurer. Types of medical underwriting on these policies allow you to claim on pre-existing conditions in some cases. This type of underwriting is called Moratorium Underwriting. This means you could get cover even if you have had cancer in the past. They usually only let you claim if you have been symptom free for five years, and then had 2 years of continual cover with a health insurance provider with no additional claims. In such circumstances, moratorium underwriting is the best way to seek and to get cancer cover if you have already had cancer.


    My family has a history of cancer – will that affect my premiums?

     No, most insurers do not take family history into account when offering cover.

    What does health insurance cancer cover include?

    Insurers all have different things they include within their standard cancer care so it’s worth looking closely at what each provider offers and weighing up what you feel is most important to you. Vitality plans all include Advanced Cancer Cover, which pays all eligible costs associated with cancer once diagnosed. This means if you’re diagnosed with cancer, they will cover your in-patient and out-patient costs in full. They also offer up to £200 for mastectomy bras and up to £5,000 per condition for external protheses. Here is what the Vitality cover also includes:

    SCALP COOLING Full Cover
    WIGS & RESTYLING Up to £300 per condition 
    MASECTOMY BRAS AND EXTERNAL PROSTHESES Up to £200 per condition for mastectomy bras and up to £5,000 per condition for external prostheses
    TARGETED CANCER SCREENING Discounted screens and risk assessments for breast, bowel and cervical cancer
    END OF LIFE CARE Pain relief plus the services of a qualified nurse at home for up to 14 days (max £1,000 per day)


    VitalityHealth offer end-to-end treatment with a complete cancer proposition designed to lower the risk of developing cancer, diagnose quickly and fully cover the cost of treatment. VitalityHealth will not only cover the finances, but will provide you with specialist care and support throughout.

    Cancer Research UK estimate that around 4 in 10 cancer cases could be prevented , largely through lifestyle changes such as not smoking, eating a healthy balanced diet and keeping active. As well as providing you with comprehensive cancer cover, Vitality also help you to take a more active role in managing your own wellness, which can help prevent cancer and aid your recovery, if diagnosed.

    For more information on cancer and health insurance, please contact one of our team who will be happy to assist you.

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