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    Pregnancy & PMI

    There are some common misconceptions around pregnancy and insurance, below we hope to clear up a few.


    Is pregnancy covered by private health insurance?

    Health insurance does not cover pregnancy as insurers see pregnancy as a planned choice and not as an unexpected health condition. However most policies cover complications and emergencies.

    Pregnancy, birth and post-natal care aren’t usually part of a typical family health insurance policy, but if you have a private medical insurance (PMI) policy, it may pay for access to private healthcare services while pregnant. 

    With pregnancy insurance, UK providers will not usually pay for routine care and treatment during pregnancy, but maternity insurance can cover some emergency treatment and pregnancy health complications. Some insurers contribute towards scans, tests and private midwifery costs, but this is unusual. Check your policy when you become pregnant to see what’s included.


    What is covered with my health insurance?

    Some insurers will cover you for any complications arising from pregnancy or childbirth if you have been with the insurer for a specific period of time.

    A complication arising from pregnancy could be covered by your private health insurance. Most insurers will cover some of or all of the following list of conditions as a complication from pregnancy;

    Eclampsia Ectopic Pregnancy Still Birth
    Gestational diabetes Miscarriage Retained placenta
    Caesarean sections in specific clinical circumstances Hydatidiform mole Pre-eclampsia


    Vitality cover in-patient and day-patient treatment if you suffer from ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, missed abortion, stillbirth, post-partum haemorrhage, retained placental membrane and hydatidiform mole.

    Each insurer has a different set of conditions that may or may not cover pregnancy complications so it is important to check the terms of a policy before proceeding with your chosen health insurer.


    What limitations are there on pregnancy complications?

    Whilst health insurance can cover serious complications arising from pregnancy, minor conditions such as morning sickness are not covered.

    In addition, there are likely to be limitations on in-patient or out-patient treatments within your policy that would 


    What other pregnancy-related benefits are there?

    Insurers can offer additional benefits related to pregnancy which include a cash benefit to policy holders following the birth of a child. For example, Vitality will pay £100 cash benefit per child.  Other health insurers also offer this, you may have seen it called; Maternity cash benefit, Childbirth benefit or Pregnancy benefit. This maternity cash benefit is also available for adopting. 


    Can I get insurance if I’m already pregnant?

    Most insurers will require you to have a minimum cover period before you are eligible to claim for any pregnancy-related complications. Each insurer is different so it’s worth checking this carefully.

    Does health insurance cover IVF or other fertility treatments? Typically insurers will not cover any fertility treatment such as IVF. This also extends to any investigations into infertility or reversal of sterilisation. 


    Why is routine pregnancy not covered by insurers?

    Most women in the UK get their maternity care for free through the NHS, but there are also private options available. From paying for scans, to private hospitals, there are private options available but these costs will not be covered by insurance, these are paid for by you.

    Private care packages – These are not the same as care via private health insurance. The costs for a private birthing is usually billed as packages and can vary in cost. They can include private rooms, obstetricians and  midwives.


    Although most health insurance policies for cover in the UK will not cover routine pregnancy, there is one provider who will cover this. Please contact us for more information on this.

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