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    Workplace Wellness

    At WillU Life we offer our corporate clients bespoke wellness programmes that include Yoga classes at their offices.

    WillU Wellness aims to help companies become healthier, more productive and more engaged.

    We encourage a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by creating a culture of health and wellness from within.

    One of the aspects of this is the Yoga and Meditation classes we offer in the workplace, individually designed to suit your team and office space.

    We provide the mats, you provide the students!

    These classes are the ideal antidote to days spent at your desk! Our office yoga classes will stretch out tired and tight muscles, strengthen the whole body and stress-reduce with breathing and meditation.

    Corporate wellness has been show to improve concentration & productivity, boost confidence, enhance performance and reduce stress related health problems & sick leave. It also creates a community within your workplace.

    To hear more about what we can offer your company, please call 0203 7453 753 or email

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