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    WillU Wellness is the corporate wellness arm of the company dedicated to the nurturing of mental and physical health within the workplace and beyond.

    We offer a whole host of services for your team from top practitioners including; Breath Work, Craniosacral therapy, Fitness. Meditation, Nutrition, Reiki, Sound Healing and more. Alongside the aforementioned, we also offer Mental Health workshops, courses and support packages for all our corporate clients, including Mental Health First Aid.

    In the workplace, wellness helps employees become more productive and engaged and most importantly feel supported. We also give employers the tools to help reduce presentism, which costs businesses approximately £27 billion every year!

    We offer bespoke Mental Health workshops and courses to educate organisations. Our teachings include; how to deploy strategies to ensure the wellbeing of your staff and your business, how to spot the signs of poor mental health in yourselves and others, how to have supportive and open conversations with those who may be struggling and your responsibilities; when and how to signpost to further support.

    From ground research with employees at different organisations we have found that they prefer to speak with someone externally about their mental health challenges, instead of someone internal. To assist with getting support to those who need it, we regularly run workshops and courses led by qualified Mental Health professionals. We also have a partnership with CALM (The Campaign For Living Miserably) charity.

    Whatever your wellness needs, we can cater to them.

    Email tillie@willulife.co.uk if you would like to hear more about how WillU Wellness can help your workforce.